Desolatium Unveils Eldritch Madness Today on Consoles

Embrace The Madness Within Desolatium 

Darkness is closing in and madness has been unleashed onto consoles. The spooky season has given rise to the deepest eldritch madness, disappearances, and more Lovecraftian nightmares. Today, SOEDESCO is thrilled to announce that its graphic adventure, Desolatium, is out now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X|S, & Nintendo Switch. Inviting players to a world full of cosmic horror and delirium, the game takes players on a dark point-and-click journey to the very depths of insanity. Of course, a launch trailer provides a glimpse of the game. 


Desolatium introduces players to four unique characters. Each character is searching for their missing friend. Importantly, this search will take them on a dark adventure. Interestingly, each character perceives the world of the game in their very own way. Of course, this means each character’s specific point of view will be necessary to make sense of a world shrouded in madness and mystery. Additionally, this world is not without its monsters. In fact,  there are real-life Lovecraftian myths causing chaos throughout the world. Yet, as the game progresses, it is up to players to decide how real these monsters are. 

Players can get a look at Desolatium in the new launch trailer. Importantly, the trailer shows off the art style, voice acting, and narrative gameplay. Check it out below. 

Desolatium is out now on Xbox, PlayStation, and the Nintendo Switch. Additionally, the game will release on PC at a later date. So, are you ready to enter a world of darkness and insanity?