Forgive Me Father 2, Lovecraftian FPS, Announced For PC

Madness Never Sleeps 

Welcome back to a world of endless madness, insanity, and darkness. Hordes of eldritch horrors await you, and you’re the only one who stands in their way.  Byte Barrel is excited to announce their upcoming fast-paced Lovecraftian FPS, Forgive Me Father 2. Currently in development, the game is building on the themes, mechanics, and distinctive look of the first game to bring players a whole new experience. A press release provides some details about the game. Additionally, a teaser announcement trailer provides players with some background and a look at the art style. 

Forgive Me Father 2

Forgive Me Father 2 thrusts players once again into the maddening world of H.P Lovecraft’s works. Only this time, the world is even more malevolent full of evil. Players will take on the role of the Priest from the first game as he descends deeper onto the dark path to righteous salvation. Of course, players will be armed to the teeth  a vast and varied arsenal of deadly weapons each featuring powerful variations. Importantly, you’re going to need them. You will once again be facing hordes of eldritch monsters that will challenge your sanity and life. 

Of course, players can take a look at the new teaser trailer for a bit of background leading into the new game. Importantly, players will once again be thrust back into the heart-pounding action they’ve come to expect from the game. Check out the trailer below. 

Forgive Me Father is currently in development but will be arriving on Steam and Epic Games Store. So, are you ready for the madness?