Babylon’s Fall Devs Are Asking Fans How to Make the Game Better

The Babylon’s Fall Survey Is Live Now

Babylon’s Fall is a new live service action RPG from Square Enix and Platinum Games. The devs released the game at the beginning of this month.

Unfortunately, the game only hit a peak of 1,188 players with a painfully average Mixed rating on Steam at the moment. According to the gaming community, Babylon’s Fall is boring and bland with graphics that make it “look like they are smeared with petroleum jelly.”

babylon's fall how to make game better

Players were also not happy with the addition of battle passes and cash shops despite the fact that the game sells at a full price of $60. With that said, it is safe to say that Babylon’s Fall’s launch did not go as devs may have planned. Thankfully, Square Enix wants to remedy this situation.

The devs sent out a survey to Babylon’s Fall fans with questions that specifically target the game’s graphics. “Thank you for playing Babylon’s Fall,” the devs wrote. “We are running this survey to bring everyone an even better game experience and would appreciate it if you could answer regarding the graphics in particular.”

The Babylon’s Fall multiple choice questionnaire has questions regarding map and character design, equipment design, battle effects, and the game’s overall UI. Devs also want to know which parts of the game make it worthwhile to recommend to others. They also want to know what graphical changes they would want in order for them to further recommend it.

It has become apparent that Square Enix is attempting to pick themselves back up. This is following the game’s lackluster launch and middling user reviews. They have not been getting much luck with their game releases as of late. They previously confirmed that Guardians of the Galaxy “undershot” their sales expectations despite strong reception from the gaming community.

The Babylon’s Fall survey is live now. Those who want their two cents heard by Square Enix can fill it out anytime before March 18th at 8:59am PT.

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