Babylon’s Fall Is Off to a Slow Start on PC

Babylon’s Fall Reportedly Feels “Pretty Low Rent”

Babylon’s Fall is the new hack and slash multiplayer title from PlatinumGames and Square Enix. Unfortunately for the devs, it looks like the game is off to a slow start on PC.

Devs released Babylon’s Fall today on PlayStation consoles and Steam. Sadly, it sits outside of Steam’s 50 top sellers with fewer than 650 concurrent players on its launch day. This is very little compared to the other live games published by Square Enix.

Marvel’s Avengers garnered 28,000 concurrent players on its release day. Outriders peaked at 125,000 players.

babylon's fall slow start on pc

Fans can purchase the game’s deluxe edition for $59.99. It currently has 18 mixed reviews on Steam. Not too many players are too happy with how the game turned out. One fan wrote that the game is “looking and feeling like a bad PS2 port with microtransactions.”

Moreover, there are only a little over 3,000 people watching Babylon’s Fall’s streams. This number makes it the 81st most watched game on Twitch. Although it is still too early with very few reviews for the game, majority of the sentiments surrounding it are negative.

I am having trouble thinking of a full price video game that has made a worse first impression on me than Babylon’s Fall,” Journalist Jeff Gertsmann stated. “This game has a full court press of battle passes, premium currencies and all this other stuff at launch that feels presumptuous.”

There are just aspects of this game all over it that just feel pretty low rent,” he added.

Babylon’s Fall devs first revealed the game in Square Enix’s E3 press conference back in 2018. Devs have been pretty silent since then. They only re-revealed it at E3 2021. At the time, they told the gaming public that the game will be using a “games as a service” model. This is despite the fact that the game was going to launch at full price.

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