F1 2022 May Have Crossplay Support for First Time in Series’ History

F1 2022 Is Finally Getting Crossplay Support

F1 2022 will reportedly have some key changes soon. According to known gaming industry leaker Tom Henderson, devs are going to break from series tradition and add crossplay support or the first time.

F1 2022 will also feature crossplay for the first time ever with players now being able to play with their friends,” Henderson revealed. “No matter what platform they may be on.”

f1 2022 crossplay support

Henderson’s statement has sent F1 2022 fans into a frenzy. The F1 community are expecting that they will probably be able to play with their friends in the same virtual world.

Furthermore, the game will reportedly also no longer have a story mode. It seems that F1 2022 devs decided to remove the story mode simply because they did not have enough time to implement it. Thankfully, it looks like devs are bringing back for F1 2023.

Instead, devs are bringing in a new in-game hub called F1 Life. Players will be able to purchase in-game luxury items in the hub. Examples of these items are designer glasses, watches, and of course, flashy super cars.

Henderson says players will be able to buy and use the supercars. They can use the cars to race against other players across the game’s 23 tracks. It was also noted that the supercars are not going to be mixed in with the series’ usual F1 cars in the races. These new vehicles will be there for fans to collect and drive within the game.

Henderson’s birdies also informed him that “the game will be getting the highly requested VR support that fans of the series have long been asking for.

At the moment, there is nothing to indicate that devs are going to drop anything further for this year’s installment. Henderson’s report specifically stated that the franchise’s career mode will be in F1 2022. However, all of his claims remain unconfirmed to date.

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