F1 2021 Free October Update Brings New Track and More

F1 2021 Free Update In October Brings A Lot of New Content To The Game

F1 2021 is the premiere motor racing video game for Formula One and Formula 2 racing, and is developed by Codemasters and published by Electronic Arts. Earlier this year, Codemasters were acquired by Electronic Arts and continued to work on the franchise. F1 2021 launched in July and is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and PC. Since its launch, F1 2021 has had various updates, including a free September update and the developers are continuing that trend with a free October update for all.

The minute long trailer commences by showcasing the famous Italian Imola curcuit showing both first person and third person perspectives as the motorcars veer around corners with precision. The trailer ends by showing different drivers celebrating a hard earned victory. Are you ready to dominate the Imola curcuit?


Besides the race track, various sponsor updates along with liveries were introduced. For example, the McClaren F1 team vehicle now has different sponsors while a new design will replace the Red Bull team livery for a limited period. A ton of other major teams have had sponsor and outfit changes including Ferrari, Aston Martin, Mercedes-AMG, Alfa Romeo and Williams Racing.

Other changes introduced in the October update include the eSports Pit Release option, that has been a high requested feature in the F1 eSports Pro Series. Additionally, there is now a timeout option in multiplayer lobbies as the developers have noticed that some games take time to load. If someone does not load before the timer runs out, they’ll be removed from the session and the race proceeds without them.

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