Square Enix Announces Babylon’s Fall Will Release In Early March 2022

Square Enix Announces Babylon’s Fall Will Release In Early March 2022

Square Enix is a major video game developer and publisher. The company is responsible for the release of various titles and franchises including Final Fantasy, Marvel’s Avengers and Tomb Raider. Recently, Square Enix has consistently released information on Babylon’s Fall. At the Video Game Awards, the publisher released yet another trailer for the upcoming title. Developers, PlatinumGames Inc. along with Square Enix have confirmed the release of Babylon’s Fall on 3rd March 2022. Babylon’s Fall will release on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam.

Babylon’s Fall offers a unique art-style, fresh combat and a fluid co-op combat system. The game can be played either solo or in parties with up to four players. As a bonus, players that pre-order Babylon’s Fall will be able to access the title from February 28th.

Babylon's Fall

Players will become Sentinels, a renowned group of warriors. As Sentinels, players will become bonded with their suit, a Gideon Coffin. In their Gideon Coffin, the warriors must overcome the Tower of Babylon on their journey. Players can arm themselves with up to four weapons. The Gideon Coffin offers an additional slots for weapons.

Players are given a ton of variety in their weapon loadout and gameplay as four weapons provides for more fluidity. Furthermore, Babylon’s Fall art-style with its brushwork provides gamers with a unique medieval oil painting aesthetic.

The latest trailer unveiled at The Game Awards highlights the gameplay, graphics and art-style. It also shows off the crazy enemies and monsters that players must face as they go on their odyssey.

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