Lost Ark’s ‘Deployment Issues’ Have Been Resolved

Lost Ark Devs Fixed Its “Deployment Issues”

Lost Ark’s big release for both paid and free players was delayed due to deployment issues. The game has been available to paying customers since February 8th. The delay irked many of the community’s free-to-play players. Thankfully, devs have confirmed that they have fixed the problem.

All deployment issues have been resolved,” devs wrote on social media. “Thank you for your patience as we work out these final steps.”

lost ark deployment issues resolved

Lost Ark devs informed the gaming public about their decision to delay the game’s launch a mere 15 minutes before its schedule. “Unfortunately, due to deployment issues, launch is delayed,” they wrote. “We hope to have this resolved in a matter of hours.”

Smilegate RPG certainly moved fast in making sure that they keep their fans satisfied. Even before the game became was free for everyone, it has already garnered tens of thousands of players. In fact, it had more than 500,000 concurrent players within its first 24 hours. This was proof that the gaming community was ravenous for the new Korean MMO.

Devs reportedly received complaints that some characters were missing from the game after they fixed it. “We are taking servers offline to get this resolved,” they wrote. “We apologize for the further delay.

Shortly after that, they confirmed that “no characters are missing.” “All characters created will be present upon logging in,” they added. 

Players who log into Lost Ark before February 13th will all get three days’ worth of Crystalline Aura as a token of gratitude. Additionally, devs also revealed that the game’s servers will become account locked depending on congestion. Those who already have a character will be able to play them.

With the game’s launch, our goal is to get as many players into Arkesia and playing Lost Ark as quickly as possible,” devs wrote. “One of the ways we are doing this is to ensure server wait times are limited.

This suggests that devs will start to place account limits on servers as the wait times to log in increase.

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