Lost Ark Is Launching on February 11, 2022 for PC via Steam

Lost Ark Is Coming to the West on February 11, 2022 for PC via Steam

Lost Ark is launching on February 11, 2022 for PC via Steam. It is the latest MMOARPG from Seoul-based Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games. Fans who were able to buy a Founder’s Pack on both Steam or Amazon are going to get early access starting February 8th.

Amazon Games Vice President Christoph Hartman has announced that bringing “Lost Ark to more of the world” thrills them. “In February, players will be able to jump into the fantastic world of Arkesia for the first time and create an experience that is truly their own,” he said.

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Today’s announcement brings fans of the Lost Ark franchise “one step closer to the moment when players can experience the game’s stunning world.” Soon enough, they can enjoy the “exhilarating combat for themselves.”

Lost Ark is praised by the gaming community for its unique combination of MMO and ARPG genres. The game will feature a wide variety of gameplay modes and amazing visuals. It also boasts of an exciting hack and slash type of gameplay.

The game already received six awards since its launch in South Korea, including the Presidential Prize at the Korea Game Awards in 2019. The devs are officially bringing this expansive title to outside of Asia for the very first time. Starting February 11th, players in New Zealand, Latin America, Australia, Europe, and North America can experience the game, too.

Fans of the MMOARPG were sent into a frenzy yesterday when Lost Ark devs revealed that they are rolling out a new trailer with “a special announcement.” 

Tune into The Game Awards tomorrow, December 9th, to see a new Lost Ark trailer with a special announcement,” Amazon wrote on social media yesterday.

Now, with the official release date at hand, fans will just have a couple more months to wait.

In Lost Ark, players embark on a journey for the titular Lost Ark. There are 15 distinct hero classes, each with their own set of skill combos. The game will feature a Tripod skill system. This means that players can choose and select which traits of a combat skill they want to enhance. They just have to level it up to a certain point first.

Players will need to go head to head in expert PvP combat, as well as raid against bosses. They will have to do to fight against the demon legions. All this they will have to do to get back the eternal power and light of the Lost Ark.

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