Lost Ark Online’s Western Launch Delayed Until 2022

Lost Ark Online’s Upcoming Western Launch Will Be Delayed Until Next Year

At the Summer Games Fest this year, Amazon Games along with SmileGate announced that its ARPG MMO, Lost Ark Online, would finally be coming to the West, following an initial, successful release in the Korean region. Lost Ark Online was originally scheduled for release sometime in late 2021. However, today, the team behind Lost Ark Online announced that the game’s Western launch will be delayed to sometime in early 2022. Thankfully, avid fans do have the ability to play the game before then via the Closed Beta.

In June, Lost Ark Online held its Closed Technical Alpha Test and since then, the team has endeavored to resolve many bugs, issues and listen to feedback as much as possible. Upon doing so, the developers realized that there was much work to be done to give fans the same experience as the Korean release. Based on this, Amazon Games and SmileGate decided that it would be in the best interest of the game’s long term development to delay its release until 2022.

There’s some good news for fans of the game who are anxious to jump into the world of Arkesia as the game will be hosting a Closed Beta Test from November 4th to November 9th. Persons who purchased the Founder’s Pack will have access to the Closed Beta Test, and other interested persons can sign up for their chance to get invited to the tests.

As the development team intends to keep a line of communication, in October, the game’s official forums and Discord channel will launch. Fans can expect more information on the upcoming release over the next few months.

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