Battlefield 2042 Beta Launch May Have Been Leaked by Italian Retailer

Battlefield 2042 Players Who Pre-Ordered May Get Open Beta Access Next Week

Battlefield 2042 will be officially released in six weeks, but it looks like fans who have already pre-ordered the title can get their hands on it as early as next week. MediaWorld, the Italian branch of MediaMarkt—which is the biggest electronics retailer in Europe—may have just revealed the launch date for the official Battlefield 2042 beta.

battlefield 2042 open beta leak

Pre-order this product by September 3, and you will receive access to the early beta of the game from September 6 to September 11,” the listing said. Although this information has not been confirmed by Electronic Arts, Battlefield 2042 fans strongly believe that MediaWorld is a reliable source, being a retailer that is expected to be in the position to have the inside track on such matters.

EA did already confirm previously that the open beta for Battlefield 2042 will be out by September, but they did not provide an exact official date. However, the franchise’s social media account was having some fun with fans earlier today, sharing a meme about the upcoming beta—trolling fans and sending them into a frenzy in the process.

The official Battlefield Twitter posted a meme using the American Chopper template, mentioning the fact that it is now September, which is a suggestion that further details about the much-awaited beta should be revealed soon—as they have promised before. This one, single meme truly did its job of riling up the Battlefield 2042 community.

The standard version of Battlefield 2042 has already been slated for an October 22 release, at $59.99 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and $69.99 for the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. However, those who pre-ordered the game’s Gold edition for $99.99 on consoles and $89.99 on PC, or the Ultimate Edition for $119.99 and $109.99, respectively, can get an early access to the game starting October 15th.