New Battlefield 2042 Gameplay Trailer Puts Spotlight on Irish

Battlefield 2042 Trailer Highlights Irish and His New No-Pat Abilities

Battlefield 2042 details have been offered to the franchise’s fans bit by bit over the past few months. It was officially announced in July and, since then, there have also been some announcements about its gameplay and cinematics. In a trailer that was just released by EA, it looks like the spotlight has been placed on one of the game’s classic characters.

The story that fuels Battlefield 2042 will be told in its signature fashion—which is through its named Specialists. It has just been revealed in a recent social media post that Kimble “Irish” Graves, an Engineer Specialist, will be making a comeback from Battlefield 4.

battlefield 2042 gameplay irish

Fans of the Battlefield franchise are already well aware that Irish is the captain of the Exodus, which is a ship that takes in No-Pat refugees from the many failing nations of 2042. The details shown in the new EA Battlefield 2042 trailer proved that his humanitarian turn have made him anything but soft.

Following the events of Battlefield 4, Irish became a No-Pat, which is the term given to Battlefield 2042’s mercenaries. The new video highlighted Irish using his many abilities, including a deployable cover that provides him portable protection during battle. Irish in Battlefield 2042 will also have access to a device that shoots down projectiles, and he will have a veteran perk. This gives him additional armour, as well as added benefits from taking down enemies.

In addition to further details about Irish and Battlefield 2042 gameplay, EA also offered an early look at the said Specialist’s Battle Hardened Legendary Skin—which, in turn, can be obtained by pre-ordering the game. This new skin ties in the look that he sported from the Battlefield 2042 Exodus short film with a rain-blocking hood, as opposed to a ballistic helmet, and a more classic digital camo vibe.