New Paladins Champion Revealed: Saati, the Trickshot

Can’t Lie, This Looks Awesome

In a new release trailer, Hi-Rez Studios revealed a new champion for their multiplayer hero shooter, Paladins. Known as Saati, the Trickshot, her actions in the trailer prove she’s more than earned her title.

The basic premise of the trailer is simple: Saati is a bounty hunter, and stole some marks from another of Paladin’s champions: Skye. While the ensuing fight is relatively simple, it shows off a clear picture of this new character’s personality. Saati is relatively upbeat and cheery, but is willing to do anything to maintain her status as the realm’s best bounty hunter – including some more underhanded tactics.

While the details of Saati’s kit aren’t officially revealed, the trailer did give us a couple hints. Two scenes in particular stand out: where an invisible Skye was hit/revealed with a glass bottle, and where Saati reflects a bullet off of a spinning coin. The overall theme of this character seems to be guaranteed or reliable damage – the enemy can’t cloak up, they can’t hide, they’re gonna get shot in the dome.

Saati seems to have a very clear role in Paladin’s sandbox. She’s almost certainly going to be a squishy Flank or Damage-class hero, who exists to counter other Flank heroes. It’s a more reactive concept, but one that has an established place in the game. Many of Paladin’s Support heroes also have escape abilities, and don’t enjoy sustained combat. Saati’s matchup seems to be strong there too, cutting off those fleeing targets and locking down kills. But this is just speculation: it’s technically possible that she’s an anti-flank Tank, with a kit that focuses on frustrating other champion’s abilities – bouncing bullets off of special attacks and negating status effects (stealth included). Given her smaller design, that seems unlikely, but not wholly impossible.

More details on Saati are to be revealed on August 18th, following a Twitch update show happening at 12pm ET that same day.