Battlefield 2042 Briefing Provides Details Into The Game Modes and More

New Briefing Means More Information

Dice officially unveiled gameplay for Battlefield 2042 on 9th June and since then, fans have been salivating for more information on the game’s mechanics, new modes and combat, as the trailer showcased All-Out Warfare amongst other game modes. Today, Electronic Arts have released responses to the burning questions that fans had following the reveal trailer as Daniel Berlin, the game’s Senior Design Director, provided a closer look at cross-play functionality, traits, specialists, maps and more.

Battlefield 2042 - Pre-Release Reveal Images -

Firstly, there will be ten Specialists soldiers, each with their own traits and specialty which cannot be changed, such as a Wingsuit which provides assistance in aerial combat or Falck, who is a combat surgeon that can revive allies. With ten Specialists, teams can genuinely deploy different tactics and playstyles to get the victory. Information on customized loadouts was also revealed as Specialists will be able to choose a Primary Weapon, Secondary Weapon, Equipment such as Medical Crate or Supply Crate and a Throwable like a grenade. A squad will consist of a maximum of four players and in Breakthrough and Conquest, squads can contain more than one unique Specialist.

Dice has already confirmed that All-Out Warfare will include seven maps at launch, and the maps will push the limits of what they’ve done in the past, as they are the biggest and boldest yet. Each faction will have their own vehicles and players will be able to fight on the iconic skyscapers, however only on certain levels, which are accessible via ziplines. At the moment, there are some vehicles for naval warfare, however there isn’t a focus on naval warfare at the moment.

The company has confirmed that there will be a technical playtest later this summer in a closed environment and under a strict NDA. In the playtest, the company wants to test the cross-play mechanics between PC, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 and will allow for cross progression across systems on one account.

On 22nd July, at EA Play Live, Dice and Electronic Arts will continue to unveil more information about its upcoming shooter. Are you excited for Battlefield 2042? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook and stay tuned to COGConnected for more information!