Amazon Games Will Bring ARPG MMO Lost Ark Online To The West

Coming Over

Lost Ark Online is an ARPG MMO, akin to Diablo, that was developed by SmileGate and released in 2018 in the Korean region. For many years, the West has been begging for a port across as the game is one of the most anticipated games in a genre that is filled with competition. Finally, at the Summer Games Fest, it was confirmed that Amazon Games and SmileGate will be bringing the ARPG MMO over to North America and Europe on PC sometime in 2021.¬†Players can learn more about the game and sign up for the upcoming test phases here. Lost Ark Online is a free-to-play game with in-game purchases available. Furthermore, the Founder’s Pack is currently available for pre-order. The Founder’s Pack grants players early access to the beta phases and the game’s official launch as well as other benefits including mounts, crystals and more. The Silver Edition starts at USD$24.99 while the Gold and Platinum Editions retail for USD$49.99 and USD$99.99 respectively.

In Lost Ark Online, players embark on a journey through a vast, vibrant world where they must seek out new lands, find treasures and test themselves in thrilling combat, whether it be against minions or colossal bosses. Players will continue to grow on their odyssey, unlock new skills, abilities and improving to advanced classes, using a wide variety of weapons in an action-packed ARPG. There are seven varied contents to explore, each offering its own unique environments, enemies to conquer and more. Additionally, Lost Ark Online will feature a top-tier PVP system that is sure to provide a ton of fun.

In terms of the business model, besides the Founder’s Pack and the game being free-to-play, Amazon and SmileGate seeks to assure players that they will keep the game fair for all, making all material purchases optional rather than mandatory! This is good news to ensure that there are no predatory practices in the game.

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