Halo Infinite Dev Admits Season 2 Launch ‘Has Been Bumpy’

Halo Infinite Season 2 Launch “Has Been Bumpy”

Halo Infinite Season 2 has just started, much to the excitement of the franchise’s fans. Unfortunately, it would seem that the launch did not go as well as everyone had hoped for. Head of Creative Joseph Staten admitted to the gaming public that they are well aware of the second season’s shortcomings.

This week has been bumpy,” Staten wrote on social media. “We are indeed taking your feedback to heart especially regarding map jumps and speedrunning.”

halo infinite season 2 launch bumpy

It is quite common in the gaming industry for a live service game to have issues. It is worth noting, however, that as time goes by, devs will release one update after another. By doing this they are able to get things more stable.

Halo Infinite fans complained about the mess that was the game’s first season when it launched. With that said, everyone was hopeful that devs would pull out a good one for the second season out of the bag. Thankfully, devs “are reviewing options and will have more news to come.”

Multiple Halo Infinite players were not too happy when devs decided to remove tech like map jumps for Season 2. The unintentional geometry within the game’s maps make certain technical movements possible. Fans like to use these strategies at high level gameplay. The jumps could make all the difference when it comes to competitive advantages.

Devs also got rid of speedrun tactics. Some players would make use of Pelicans so they can fly across the map. Doing so saves them more time as compared to having to run on foot across the terrain. For Halo Infinite Season 2, pelicans are just no longer pilotable. The removal of the exploit caused many fans to become upset especially since it has been a highlight for many.

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