Lost Ark’s April Update Will Proceed as Scheduled

Lost Ark’s April Update Will Still Launch on April 21st

Lost Ark devs announced earlier today that they decided to delay the April 21 update. Apparently, their team found some critical issues that pushed them to make the decision. However, Smilegate RPG has confirmed that they were able to fix the problem in time.

Good news everyone!” devs wrote. “Our team was able to quickly identify and resolve the issue.”

After finding the source of the problem and fixing it, the much-awaited Lost Ark April update “will release on the 21st as originally planned.” “Downtime for the update will begin on April 21st at 12am PT and is expected to last eight hours,” they wrote.

lost ark april update

Prior to fixing the problem, Lost Ark’s Community Manager told the gaming public that they had to delay the update while they work to resolve the issue.  Apparently, their “QA team found some critical issues” during their final testing of the update.

We know this comes as a disappointment as we are exited for both South Vern and the Glavier to arrive in Arkesia,” the CM said at the time. “We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to resolve these issues and release the April update.”

At the time of the announcement regarding the now-cancelled delay, Lost Ark fans were understandably upset. Devs would have launched the April update close to May, with a then targeted launch of April 28th.

We know it sucks having something you are waiting for get delayed right before you got to experience it,” the CM added. “The team is working to get the issue resolved and we will update everyone when we have more information.

This update will bring the new Glavier class to the game. At launch, fans will also get access to a new South Vern continent. This brings forth a brand new story line to the franchise.

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