Lost Ark Devs Are Doing Better at Whittling Down the Bot Population

Lost Ark Devs Successfully Remove a Sizeable Amount of Botters

Lost Ark fans are well aware that their favorite game has had plenty of issues regarding bots in the past few months. Apparently, bots have been taking up a lot of space in the game’s concurrent player base. With that said, they made queue times worse and drove up crystal prices. They also invaded runs for important game modes, such as Cubes, Abyssal Dungeons, and Chaos Dungeons.

Multiple players have reached out to Lost Ark devs to address these bot-related problems. Finally, devs confirmed in a post the process of how they are addressing these in-game issues. 

lost ark whittling down bot population

The Lost Ark team recently banned millions of accounts involved in botting and gold selling permanently. They also created a level-gated area chat that will keep bots from advertising gold-selling services. Following a recent update to the game’s reward structures, cheaters and botters will also be facing more intense challenges to do what they want to do.

Prior to the update, Lost Ark players wanted devs to have a Captcha or a two-factor authentication system. However, devs said this was not as realistic as fans would have thought. 

These tools would require a sizeable platform and architectural changes to implement in Lost Ark,” they said. “Real-world account owner identification is another method used in some regions but the global scale of the Western version of the game and varying laws in the territories where we operate Lost Ark make this a less realistic solution for us.”

After all of these implementations, fans of the game have commended devs for their actions. Apparently, the game has much lesser bots now. Their recent hot fix reportedly removed a sizeable amount of bots from Lost Ark. 

It is worth noting, however, that not all botting efforts have disappeared. Still, this is a great start for the devs to eventually whittle down the bot population.

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