Robocop Is Coming to Fortnite

Fortnite Players Can Now Get 1987’s Robocop from the Item Shop

Robocop is a pop culture icon that came out in 1987. Fans of the cyborg creation are glad to know that their favorite inhuman weaponized character is making its way to Fortnite. In fact, players can avail of the character in the Fortnite Item Shop now.

This new Fortnite character will arrive with the leg of ED-209. Fans of the classic franchise are well aware that this is the pre-Robocop law enforcement machine that was a bit too efficient at its job. The LEG-209 will serve as the Back Bling for the character’s outfit. Players can also utilize it as a pickaxe. Both are going to be included in the Robocop Bundle. The package also comes with the Lil’ ED-209 emote.

robocop is coming to fortnite

Fans are a bit confused with the devs’ decision to add the horrific creation of a rapacious mega-corp to the game. After all, Robocop represents systemic corruption, capitalism, corporatism, and the eventual failure of modern society. Fortnite, on the other hand, is more akin to an interactive embrace of this generation’s pop culture phenomena.

However, some fans are thinking that Robocop is a bit outdated for Fortnite’s audience. Still, the part-robot, part-human character will be joining the likes of Ripley, the Xenomorph, the Terminator, and Sarah Connor as some of the game’s 80s era action icons.

The Predator from the Alien vs Predator franchise is also available as a special skin. However, fans will need a certain battle pass skin during Chapter 2 Season 5. Unfortunately, this one will reportedly not be sold in the Item Shop.

Players who want to try out this new character will have to check out the Resistance Quests and the game’s Week 8 Challenges as well. These will reportedly begin as Chapter 3 Season 2 winds down.

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