Zenless Zone Zero Reveal Trailer Is Bonkers, But Interesting

Rule #1: Style

miHoYo has recently launched the reveal trailer for their new upcoming game. Zenless Zone Zero is… well, I don’t really know. The best way I can describe it is The World Ends With You meets Devil May Cry.

The setting of Zenless Zone Zero is New Eridu. This is one of the few remaining safe places in the world after Ethereals invade through dimensional portals known as Hollows. Somehow, with the world in the state that it’s in, the characters you can play as are super stylish. Everyone is rocking straps, belts, zippers, and masks.

Zenless Zone Zero

New Eridu is also home to non-human creatures. There appear to be a bunch of living dolls, demons, and furries living among human beings. When Hollow appear in the world, our characters spring into action. There are teams dispatched to take on the Ethereals with swords, guns, rockets, hammers, and other things to make you look really cool.

If you want a closer look at what ZZZ has to offer, miHoYo is currently looking for closed beta testers. You can sign up now and hope to be selected for this test. miHoYo is also holding a giveaway. Prizes include 20 spots in the beta, 1 Alienware x15 gaming laptop, and 6 Alienware AW510H gaming headsets. All you need to do is follow the ZZZ Twitter account and retweet the contest.

There is currently no official launch date for Zenless Zone Zero, but it will be coming out for PC and mobile devices.

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