Tiny Thor Nails Down Summer Release on PC and Switch

Whosoever Holds This Tiny Hammer…

We have seen many iterations of the God of Thunder. He’s been in comic books, live-action films, video games, he’s been a frog, but now we get the Tiny version. Developer Asylum Square has been working on a game called Tiny Thor and it is set to release this Summer.

Tiny Thor is a 16-bit platformer. You travel through Asgard and other realms, jumping over spikes, and defeating otherworldly creatures. Thor wields his iconic hammer Mjölnir. Throughout the game, you can learn all sorts of abilities and ways to wield the hammer.

Tiny Thor

Like his non-tiny counterparts, Thor can throw his hammer and it will always return. It can do somethings that you may not have seen it do before too. You can use it to create ice bridges and walls, ricochet it off walls, and even bounce between targets and move independently of your character.

Today, a release date was set for the PC version. On June 5th, players can buy it on Steam, GOG, or the Epic Games Store. It will be coming out on Nintendo Switch as well, but “later this summer.”

Of course, Thor does not exist in a Norse vacuum. You can expect to run into other familiar gods, like Loki in this game. If you want to try it out, there is currently a demo available on Steam. See if it is worthy.

Tiny Thor will be coming out on June 5th for PC. A Nintendo Switch version will also be coming this Summer, but the release date has not been confirmed.

Will you be putting the hammer down? Let us know in the comments below.