New Gameplay Elements Breakdown in Fire Emblem Engage Trailer

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A brand new Fire Emblem game is coming out early next year. Fire Emblem Engage is putting a new spin on the combat for the classic turn-based RPG series. Engage is introducing something called Emblem Rings, which will grant your characters new powers.

The new game has a new cast of characters. Alear is the main protagonist with striking red and blue hair, as well as matching eyes. The thing about the Emblem Rings is that your characters can draw on powers from previous characters in the series.

Fire Emblem Engage

When using the Emblem Rings, your units will have special skills and attributes, depending on which character they bond with. This increases their effectiveness in combat. Units can also Engage with their bonded character, giving them a special weapon and new skills, changing the way they fight.

Veteran players will recognize some of their favorite characters in Fire Emblem Engage. So far, we have seen Marth, Byleth, Sigurd, Celica, Lyn, and Corrin. Each of them offer different attacks or support abilities to buff units, affect the terrain, or traverse the battlefield.

Each of the new characters, of which there are many, can equip Emblem Rings. This offers plays a wide range of combinations of units and Rings to experiment with. Hopefully, more Emblem Rings and characters will be added via DLC and updates. There is certainly a lot of possibility there.

Fire Emblem Engage is expected to launch on January 20th, 2023 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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