Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have Terrifyingly Huge Sales Figures

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are Really Damn Big

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have just earned the “highest global sales level for any software on any Nintendo platform” title from Nintendo themselves.  And that’s, uh, wow.

Both of those “any”s are no small feat, but one stands out above the other. “For any software” is cool, but not that unexpected given the brand’s prominence above Nintendo’s other IPs. But “any Nintendo platform”? That’s like, all of them. Nintendo’s whole console library, handheld or otherwise. The game hasn’t even been out for a week yet, and it’s already picked up 10 million combined units sold. For reference, Pokemon Sword and Shield sold 6 million in the same time frame. For another reference, the renowned Pokemon Platinum version sold 7.6 million copies… in its entire lifetime.

Name a Nintendo game. Any one. Compare the sales figures for this same time frame. For most of the options you can pick, it’ll be like one of those “size of objects in the universe” videos you sometimes see in your Youtube recommended feed. The sheer size of things in those videos is enough to trigger a ton of existential dread for some – and if that’s you, you might start feeling the same way about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Look at yourself, look at your hometown. Look at earth. Now look at the sun (safely, you fool). That’s Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – the binary star system dwarfing every game around it right now. You are nothing in comparison to the size of this franchise; its everlasting radiance drowning out all other stars that might attempt to shine by its side.

Anyway, if you want an easy route to just farm a ton of shiny Pokemon with nothing but a picnic table, have a look at this handy dandy guide. Happy gaming!