King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Jumps Into Battle with Skirmishes Update

New Battles Await 

Avalon awaits you once again brave knights. This time there are even more challenges to face. Today, NeocoreGames is happy to announce the newest update for their strategy RPG, King Arthur: Knight’s Tale. The update, titled “Skirmishes”, brings a whole new way to play. A press release provides more details about the update. Additionally, players can check out the release trailer for a look at the game. 

King Arthur Feature

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale sees players assume the role of Sir Mordred enemy to King Arthur. Only this time, the script has been flipped. King Arthur has turned to villainy. Of course this means now Mordred must put the King down. Importantly the game combines elements of strategy and classic RPGs. Additionally, players can rebuild Camelot in the adventure map segments. Importantly the new update brings even more ways to play the game. 

The Skirmishes update brings the titular game mode to the adventure. An optional game mode skirmishes provide unique mini-scenarios. Players will advance through ten tactical encounters. Of course, each will be more challenging than the last. The game has 3 mini-scenarios available. One, “The Trials of Sir Tewelyn” is free to play. However, the “Pict Skirmish Pack” and the “Brigands Skirmish Pack” come as paid DLC’s. 

Players unfamiliar with the game can check out the release trailer from earlier this year. 

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is available now on Steam. The Skirmishes update is live now. So, will you be attempting these challenges? Will you face the trials?