The Outbound Ghost Launching on PlayStation and Switch

Prepare for Paper 

Attention PlayStation and Switch players. A ghostly adventure is coming soon to both platforms. Today indie developer Conradical Games is overjoyed to announce the PlayStation and Switch release dates for their narrative RPG, The Outbound Ghost. Arriving to PlayStation on November 30th, and Switch on December 1st, the game promises a ghost town. Yet, a ghost town in the best ways. A press release provides more info on the game. Additionally, the PC launch date trailer from earlier this year gives players a look at what to expect. 

The Outbound Ghost

The Outbound Ghost introduces players to the literal ghost town of Outbound. Inviting you to explore a narrative adventure the game combines turn-based combat, crafting, and exploration. Players will assist the residents of the town. Interestingly, the residents of Outbound are all ghosts. As such players will need to help them find peace. Of course this means players will help them resolve their earthly burdens so that they can pass on to the other side.

Importantly these tasks are easier said than done. As players adventure they will gain new abilities, solve puzzles, and free spirits from their earthly binds. Additionally, their adventures will reveal more about the tragic backstory of Outbound itself. Of course, players can check out the trailer to get a look at what they can expect from the game. 

The Outbound Ghost is launching PlayStation on November 30th, and Switch on December 1st. The Xbox release date is yet to be decided. However, the game is already out on PC via Steam