New Fire Emblem Engage Trailer Shows Off New Characters and Combat

Maybe Throw Some Subtitles on That

As a late Christmas gift, Nintendo released a pretty lengthy trailer for the upcoming Fire Emblem Engage. The game is set to come out in just a few weeks too! The series is known for the staggering amount of characters in their games and this one is no different.

The trailer is entirely in Japanese, so if you’re dying to see more of this game, you may have to speculate and temper your understanding a bit. Of course, the turn-based combat and tile movement is there. Though it is hard to know exactly what is the trailer is about, beyond what is explicitly being shown onscreen.

Fire Emblem Engage

In combat, it appears that players can have up to nine characters in a battle. That may sound like a lot, but next to the dozens of available heroes, players will have a fairly wide range of combinations for a preferred team.

The whole thing about Fire Emblem Engage is the new mechanic, the Emblem Rings. They allow characters to summon the abilities of previous heroes from the series. Heroes like Marth and Celica by our new characters.

On top of every character being able to use Emblem Rings, they can also all change classes. Between battles, players can switch their heroes to different classes for different stats, abilities, and tactical uses.

The trailer is over eight minutes long. There are a lot gameplay elements to breakdown here. Hopefully, Nintendo will release an English version of it soon. It would certainly be nice to know all the details of what to expect, and to see if we’re actually right in our speculation.

Fire Emblem Engage will be coming out on January 20th, 2023 exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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