High on Life Devs Squanch Games Say More Titles Coming to Game Pass

Another Happy Customer

From the creative, and frankly, disturbing mind of Justin Roiland came High on Life. This game is being celebrated as the biggest Xbox Game Pass launch of 2022. Take the crude humor of Rick and Morty, plus a first-person shooter, plus the best value in gaming and you have a success.

Justin Roiland joined Major Nelson on an episode of the Xbox Podcast this month. Obviously, they talked about High on Life and its success. Roiland also talked about Game Pass and the choice to launch the game on with that service.

High on Life Review

A lot of personal research went into the decision to debut High on Life on Game Pass. Being an indie studio, there was always a question of whether or not the game would be a success. Roiland called Game Pass “a powerful tool to get a lot of reach. If you really do believe you made something worthwhile, it’s a pretty powerful tool. And that’s what I gathered in doing my due diligence on it on my own. A lot of folks told me that non-Game Pass games that they ship versus Game Pass games, [they get] 7x sales.

Roiland went on to say that he wants Squanch Games to make more games in their style. Having Game Pass as a platform gives those titles a bright future. That is exactly the plan, too. Hopefully, we get more gems like High on Life from Squanch Games. Better still, if those games are on Game Pass, subscribers can try them out for no extra cost.

High on Life is available now for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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