Xbox Game Pass to Receive New Features

Xbox Game Pass Will See Some New Enhancements

Xbox Game Pass is set to receive new features, enhancing user experience and convenience for subscribers.

A notable addition is a prompt that alerts users when a title is about to exit the Game Pass library. This feature aims to keep players informed, popping up when launching a game scheduled for removal. Moreover, it simplifies the process of purchasing the game, with subscribers benefiting from post-service discounts.

The second enhancement introduces a “new experience” in specific sections of the Xbox Guide. Initially available to Alpha Skip-Ahead users through the Xbox Preview program, the broader user base will see this update in due course.


For gamers exploring new titles, January has already brought exciting additions to Game Pass. Palworld, acclaimed on PC, is available on Xbox Series X|S via its preview program. Additionally, Turnip Boy Robs a Bank and F1 23 are noteworthy additions. On February 2, Atlus enthusiasts can anticipate Persona 3 Reload, a comprehensive remake of the original classic game.

While welcoming these additions, Game Pass bids farewell to Hitman: World of Assassination on January 31. Despite being the sole departure this month, its departure leaves a notable void in the library.

These enhancements and additions align with Xbox’s commitment to continuously improve the Game Pass experience, providing subscribers with a more seamless and enjoyable gaming journey.