Cancelled Call of Duty Gameplay Leaked

Gameplay Footage of Cancelled Call of Duty Game Has Surfaced

Gameplay of a cancelled Call of Duty game, codenamed NX1, has leaked online. Shared by the Twitter account @mangafigurines, the leaked gameplay, reportedly titled Call of Duty: Future Warfare, showcases a lunar mission set in low-gravity conditions. Check it out here.


Brian Bright, the former multiplayer lead at Neversoft, authenticated the footage, detailing NX1’s origins. Neversoft, previously known for Guitar Hero, transitioned to crafting a futuristic Call of Duty. This transition followed the departure of Infinity Ward’s co-founders in 2010. The move aimed to fill the void left by Ghosts, which Neversoft envisioned as a worthy successor.

Despite completing several campaign missions and multiplayer work, NX1 faced an unfortunate demise before its full realization. Neversoft had introduced innovative features, such as an Escort mode involving a UGV with a trophy system.

An early map list revealed intriguing titles like Bin Laden’s Compound, Apartment, and Genk. The footage of said maps offered a glimpse into the alternate path Call of Duty might have taken.

The leaked footage hints at a potential divergence in Call of Duty’s trajectory during the last generation, where Neversoft’s vision could have altered the landscape. However, with Ghosts spearheading a futuristic phase, the franchise eventually found stability with the success of the Modern Warfare soft reboot. Neversoft, later absorbed by Infinity Ward, became a chapter in gaming history alongside the unrealized NX1 project.