Firecracker from The Boys Set to Debut in Call of Duty MW3

Call of Duty MW3 Introduces Firecracker From ‘The Boys’ as an Operator Later This Month

Call of Duty enthusiasts can anticipate the arrival of Firecracker from The Boys in the game’s upcoming DLC. This crossover, reported by Charlie Intel, will introduce Firecracker as a new Operator available in MW3 and Warzone. The debut of Firecracker is set to release at the DLC’s launch, which is January 30, 2024.

Interestingly, Firecracker is a character set to make her debut in The Boys Season 4 later this year on Prime Video. Firecracker’s likeness in Call of Duty is believed to be based on her appearance in the show. Although glimpsed in The Boys Season 4 trailer, Firecracker will make her initial appearance within the virtual realm of Call of Duty.

Firecracker Call of Duty MW3

Previous characters from The Boys have debuted in Call of Duty, including Homelander, Starlight, Black Noir, and A-Train. Firecracker is now set to become the latest addition to the game. Fans can likely anticipate the Firecracker bundle to be priced around $20. Additionally, the bundle will feature the operator skin, themed weapons, calling cards, emblems, and a distinctive finishing move.

Moreover, leaked details suggest that one of Firecracker’s finishing moves involves her capturing a selfie while executing a ruthless takedown. Call of Duty continues to enhance its gaming experience by integrating iconic characters from popular franchises. The game seems to have no plans to stop providing players with engaging and dynamic content and we’re here for it.