Take the King! Made Its Move on Mobile Devices Today

Take the King! Is Out Now on IOS and Android

It’s time to embark on an epic quest. The independent video game studio Two Buttons and publisher TyGAMES proudly announce the release of their latest title Take the King! on mobile devices. It is now available on both the Appstore for IOS and Google Playstore for Android.

Take the King!

Take the King! is a puzzle game that draws inspiration from the principles of chess. However, it presents a creative transformation to offer distinctive intellectual challenges. While your game pieces move normally, the chessboard itself deviates from the conventional, presenting a range of unique objectives.

The venerable chessboard collapses, its millennia-old battlefield, the bedrock of all laws profaned. And everyone is not sure whether the age of symmetrical confrontations comes to an end.

You must step inside the shoes of the king, the first victim of this cataclysm, and restore harmony in the kingdom. To do so, you must solve dozens of puzzles and complete secondary objectives to unlock bonuses.

Key features:

– Classic chess move: Use your knowledge of chess to help save the brave King.
– Special chessboards: Face different situations with various-sized chessboards, obstacles, and traps.
– 100 puzzles to solve: Solve them in the multiple chapters and help the king on his great quest.
– Multiples objectives: Each puzzle has secondary objectives that unlock bonuses.

Take the King! is also available on PC via Steam. So, make sure to check it out if you are a fan of chess puzzle games.