Creature Lab Launches Kickstarter for Console Versions of Game

Creatures for the Console 

Attention future creature creators. The lab needs your support. Today Developer Image Power is excited to reveal a Kickstarter to bring their  upcoming horror sim, Creature Lab, to consoles. It’s alive on PC  on January 19th 2023, and the Kickstarter is aiming to have the game developed for consoles later in 2023.  A press release dives into more details about the Kickstarter and the game itself. Additionally, a new trailer gives players a look at the lab to come. 

Creature Lab

Creature Lab places players in the shoes of an evil scientist. Your goal? Create monsters, experiment on test subject, and develop an unlimited number of monstrous creations. Of course this means performing all of the duties an evil scientist must in order to be successful. From growing body parts from extracted DNA, mixing mutagens to varying results, and mix-and-matching monster parts players will have a lot on their plate. However, you need to remember that your work isn’t on the right side of the law. et, you have ways to get what you need sneakily. Use the dark web to take on side-quests. In fact, maybe make more money while you do by taking on a job from a shady industry. 

The new Kickstarter for the game will be running until January 10th, 2023. Their goal is to raise $10,000 CAD. Of course, the overall directive of the Kickstarter is to allow the developers to bring the game to PlayStation and Xbox family consoles, as well as Nintendo Switch. 

Creature Lab will be available on January 19th, 2023. It will cost $19.99 upon release on Steam. You can find the Kickstarter here. So, are you ready to become a mad scientist?