DarKnot, Psychological Horror, Goes On Sale Until 2023

Welcome to a Nightmare 

It’s time to enter the misty gloom of a labyrinth. The labyrinth is made of a city, a city you will need to survive. Today DarKnot Team is happy to announce that their psychological horror game, DarKnot, is currently 35% off on Steam until January 5th, 2023. Importantly the game, currently in Early Access, aims to provide a horrific challenge to players of all skill levels. A press release dives into more details about the game as well as some updates arriving with the sale. Additionally, a gameplay trailer from earlier this year grants players a deeper look at the gameplay itself. 


DarKnot introduces players to a labyrinth full of horrific monsters. You awaken here, and death lurks around every corner. Entering the vast world of the game players choose their starting class, from four unique classes, each with their own playstyle and set off into the city. Of course, the labyrinth streets of the city appear calm at first, but they become deadly fast. Importantly, death in this game affects your story. Every death changes the outcome so your goal is to die as little as possible. 

With the sale the development team has also made several quality of life changes. For instance, bug fixes, improvements to the combat system, walking speed, and even hints on loading screens. Of course, players can get a look at all of the action the game has to offer in the trailer from earlier this year. 

DarKnot is currently available on Steam Early Access. It is priced at $12.66 with a 35% sale. So, will you brave the city?