Genshin Impact Is Adjusting In-Game Item Prices

Genshin Impact In-Game Prices Will Be Adjusted

Genshin Impact devs are going to adjust the pricing of the game’s items. HoYoverse explained to the gaming public what pushed them to make this decision.

Due to the recent adjustments in platform price policies, the price of in-game items will be adjusted for Travelers in Chile, Egypt, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Poland, South Korea, Sweden, Vietnam, and the Euro area,” devs wrote in their blog post. “There may be a delay in the display of prices in the in-game store.”

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At the moment, almost all prices are pretty much going up in real life. This huge inflation boom has clearly affected a big portion of Genshin Impact players. What remains unknown is whether or not the prices are going up or going down. Many players are speculating that it will most likely be an increase. Still, HoYoverse has not given any verification about these adjustments either way.

Devs confirmed what regions are going to be affected. However, the “Euro area” part of the statement suggests that other countries in that part of the world are going to get a swift price increase as well. There seem to be no impact on other regions so far. It is also worth noting that Genshin Impact devs did not really provide any indication on when the price adjustments will even begin.

Furthermore, it would also seem that fans of the franchise will also have to closely watch the prices whenever they try to purchase an in-game item. Apparently, Primogem pricing may no longer be accurate. With that said, devs want Genshin Impact players to “refer to the actual price in the transaction.”

With that said, fans are not too happy with this lackluster communication from devs. This is not too surprising since the announcement is missing a lot of important details.

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