Death Stranding is Free on PC, Today-Only on the Epic Games Store

Death Stranding is Free

The Epic Games Store has been having an event over the past long while, and the intensity reaches its zenith today with Death Stranding!

The PC games storefront has been giving away one free game a day, each for a 24-hour period, with more than a few sweet pickups. But today, Christmas day, we have the big ticket item. Except it doesn’t have a ticket. Because they took it off. It’s gone. You can just open up the Epic Games Store and add Death Stranding to your account. Don’t even need to download it, it’s yours to keep forever.

In the leadup to Death Stranding’s released, it was often billed as the first game of its genre – something completely unique to the gaming market. Turns out, this wasn’t just a marketing bluff. If you want to pick up Death Stranding for yourself, you’ll need to set your expectations accordingly. Don’t expect a high-octane action romp, Death Stranding is not that game.

Death Stranding

So, what is it, exactly? That answer is surprisingly hard to pin down. To some, it’s a dreadfully boring experience – the idea of “walking simulator” taken to a comical extreme. To others, it’s something truly breathtaking – a game filled to the brim with melancholic, chill vibes and an atmosphere you can lose yourself in. The vibes, man.

Everyone has some kind of intense take on this game. And while it’s hard to know where you’ll land when you pick it up, the lack of a price tag has firmly banished the risks of buyer’s remorse. Because you’re not buying anything. Did I mention that it’s literally free?

And no worries if you missed this sale – the Epic Games Store still has more gifts up its sleeve in the coming days! Are they Death Stranding? Nope. But they could be anything – worth a watch, for sure!