GTA V Getting Re-Release Because GTA VI Isn’t Done

Former Producer Explains Why GTA V Is Re-Releasing

According to an apparent former producer at Rockstar, Grand Theft Auto V may be getting the next-gen re-release treatment because the next installment in the franchise simply isn’t finished yet. The alleged former producer took to TikTok under the username Darion to explain his perspective on the recently announced GTA V releasing on PS5 and Xbox Series X. While this user could be a faker, it’s likely that GTA VI still isn’t done, but we’re aware that Rockstar is working on the next title in the series. GTA V is currently available for last-gen consoles, as well as Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

gta V top screen

Previous rumors have suggested that the story of GTA VI is already finished, with Rockstar just needing to bring it to life, but Rockstar has only briefly teased that the project is underway, with no suggestion that the plot is finished. Fans have been anticipating the announcement of the next GTA title for quite some time, but Rockstar has only teased the potential location focusing on Florida. We aren’t sure what to expect from the next GTA but GTA V will be returning fans of the series to Los Santos yet again on next-gen consoles.

“Because I used to produce games for Rockstar tons of people are asking me why at the PlayStation 5 event did we get an announcement of an updated GTA 5 and not GTA 6,” said Darion on TikTok. “From a development standpoint, there’s a lot of good reasons. “I’ve made games for a lot of new consoles. It’s really hard, tech is constantly changing and it’s hard to make a triple-A game at launch. You just need more time.” He also reminds viewers that “the cost of updating an existing game and making it way prettier is way cheaper, way easier than an all-new one.”

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Source: Game Rant