Potential Grand Theft Auto Leak – GTA VI Will Span Across Multiple Time Periods

GTA VI, 1970-Present

Rumors have been flooding out about Rockstars’ next project. There has been speculation that Bully 2 is under works while others are convinced a remastered Red Dead Redemption is around the corner. The latest of these “leaks” pertains to the flagship franchise Grand Theft Auto.  A rumor has recently surfaced that claims GTA VI is going to take place over multiple time periods.

gta v

Reddit user xambie12 is the one who has gifted us with this juicy gossip. The user claims that his info was found on the GTA forums. But please remember that this info could be entirely fabricated or false. This would not be the first time that someone got something wrong about the details of a Rockstar game. It was only a couple weeks ago that a gaming journalist pranked everyone by eluding to a Bully 2 announcement trailer.

GTA VI will allegedly take place in different eras, along with taking place in different cities. The game will take place in the 1970s and the main character will be a half White/ half Latino drug dealer who lives in Liberty City (New York). Eventually, the player will start smuggling drugs between Liberty City and Vice City (Miami). Somewhere in the story, the main protagonist will end up in prison and reemerge in the 1980s. The end of the game will supposedly end in the present day.

The online aspect of GTA VI will take place in the 1980s setting, however. In addition to the multiplayer, your friends and others will be able to play alongside you in the story mode as a member of your crew.

But please remember that this info is very sketchy and could easily turn out to be false. If this is true though it would be another ambitious effort by Rockstar.