GTA V Coming to the PS5 Next Year

New Edition of GTA V Coming to Next-Gen

Despite being a game for last-gen consoles, Grand Theft Auto 5 will be getting an even more enhanced addition on the PS5 and presumably Xbox Series X. GTA V continues to break sales records and the popularity may not have peaked on this generation of consoles with the first enhancement. The next-gen enhanced addition of GTA V will bring more content to the game, with all of the online features currently available releasing with the game in 2021. GTA V is currently available for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC right now, with GTA Online accompanying the non-stop mayhem of the campaign.

gta V top screen

Sony announced an enhanced and expanded port of Rockstar’s popular open-world GTA V during their recent PS5 games showcase and it will be launching in 2021. Considering some titles during the PS5 games showcase were announced for the Holiday 2020 release window, it looks like the latest enhancement of GTA V won’t be part of the launch lineup for the PS5 but will arrive shortly after. Considering the big improvements made with the current-gen GTA V enhancements, I think it’s safe to call the next-gen version GTA 5.5.

PS5 owners will be getting the various components of GTA Online that have added content to the MMO experience for free when the next-gen version is released. Fans of GTA V on PS4 will receive $1 million in GTA Online cash every month until the PS5 enhanced edition comes out next year so make sure to log in once a month to receive these benefits. While an Xbox Series X port has yet to be announced, it’s likely that Rockstar’s upcoming enhanced edition of GTA V is cross platform.

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Source: Engadget