Rumors Claim That the GTA VI Story is Already Finished

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Rumors surrounding GTA VI have been around for years at this point. However, over the past few months, more speculation and hot takes on what Rockstar is planning for their next big release have become much more frequent. The latest batch of gossip is now claiming that the entire narrative portion of the game has been completed. There are still many more steps that come after this if everything is true. But it should go without saying that the completion of a script or story is a huge moment in any game’s development.


The details about the content of the story itself are anyone’s guess at this point. Late last year a series of “leaks” came out that claimed that GTA VI was going to take place across the 1970s and 1980s with a few moments that would occur in the present day. This made a lot of fans convinced that the story would revolve around the cocaine trade in Florida and namely Miami. Of course, nothing has been confirmed by Rockstar yet. But a return to Vice City is long overdue.

It should also be noted that the final story for Red Dead Redemption 2 was completed as far back as 2012. There were changes to the script throughout the game’s production but the framework for the story remained the same. If that is anything to go off of, fans should not be expecting to see a new GTA game anytime soon.

Rockstar has also been very clear that they would need more time when it comes to developing a game. The sheer amount of time and effort that goes into making a modern, open-world, RPG like GTA or RDR is truly staggering. Some estimates claimed that Rockstar would be releasing titles almost 10 years apart from one another. Would you be able to wait until 2023?