Crysis Remastered Suffers a Slight Setback Following Trailer Leak

I Can Fix This! I Can Fix This!

A few days ago, a trailer for the upcoming Crysis Remastered had leaked out. Crysis has been known since it came out as a demanding game when it comes to PC performance, to the point where it earned itself a place among memes; “yeah, but can it run Crysis?” When it was announced that it would be remastered, fans were excited. However, when the trailer leaked, they were not as excited. Some criticism from fans had followed concerning the visuals of the game. This prompted an announcement of a delay by Crytek.

Crysis Remastered

The Crysis team took to Twitter with to announce the delay. Like every single delay announcement, they thank fans for their support, they promise to uphold the standard their fans expect, and welcome and appreciate feedback. Though Crysis Remastered had not received an official release date, there was really no need to say that it would be delayed. Crytek was planning to officially release the trailer soon, but the leak beat them to the punch. The trailer reveal will be delayed, probably to fix up all the things people didn’t like. Additionally, the pre-order start date will be pushed back for every platform except for Nintendo Switch as those pre-orders already went live.

Perhaps this leak was actually a blessing in disguise. If Crytek was satisfied with the visuals of the leaked trailer and they released it as intended, the blowback would probably be even bigger. Now Crytek is giving themselves more time to polish the beloved game. Crysis Remastered will be coming out on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

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Source: Twitter