Immortals of Aveum Suffers Delay Until Late August

Immortals of Aveum Suffers Delay Until Late August 

Electronic Arts along with Ascendant Studios have been working on an upcoming fantasy, first-person game, Immortals of Aveum. The game was originally scheduled to be released on July 20th. However, Ascendant Games has now announced that the game will instead release on August 22nd. It will be available on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. The studio’s founder, Bret Robbins, made a statement on the decision.

Immortals of Aveum

In the statement, the founder noted that the company has shown off a lot about the game over the past few weeks, with content from both the PlayStation Showcase and Summer Games Fest. Furthermore, Bret Robbins continued to explain that the game’s development commenced five years ago on Unreal Engine 5.1 and pushed the boundaries, while working through the pandemic.

On the substantive issue, he stated, “The recent feedback to the game proves to us what we already felt: that Immortals of Aveum is something special. In order to realize our full vision, we are going to take a few extra weeks, making our new launch date Tuesday, August 22nd. This will give us time to further polish the game, finish optimizing all platforms, and deliver a strong launch. We owe it to ourselves and to you to get this right.” In closing, he promised more information on the game in the coming weeks.

Therefore, players will get their hands on the game at a later date!

What are your thoughts on Immortals of Aveum? Have you enjoyed the content for the game thus far? What did you think about the most recent trailer for the game? Which aspect of the game are you most excited for? What do you think about delays in the industry? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.