Rockstar Might Have Just Revealed GTA VI Setting

Miami? New York? LA? 

The Grand Theft Auto series has been quite selective to what setting they chose for their games. While there have been different cities in spin-off titles. The GTA franchise pretty much just sticks to three places. Miami (Vice City), New York (Liberty City), and Los Angeles (Los Santos). This repetition might seem boring or repetitive to someone who has never played a Grand Theft Auto game, but the depth and detail that comes with each city can really make a huge difference. While we have seen Liberty City and Los Santos in all their glory on the new(ish) generation of consoles we have yet to see a modern take on Vice City. This has made many fans almost certain that the next GTA is going to be taking place there. And the most recent rumors have confirmed this as well.



A Twitter user by the name of Yan2295 took to social media to share what he claims is a document that reveals that Rockstar sent a research team to Florida. This supposed trip has been given the green light to better create the immersive world that GTA is known for.

It should, of course, be said that this news is only a rumor at this point in time and has not been confirmed by anyone at Rockstar. As far as we know Yan2295 could have just printed this off at home as a joke. However, rumors as outlandish as this have turned out to be true before.

If GTA VI does, in fact, take place in Vice City, it would not be much of a shock. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is regarded as one of the timeless classics. Fans have been clamoring for almost 20 years to get a new GTA game set there.