According to Rumors the GTA VI Soundtrack Has Leaked

Sounds Like GTA VI is Going to Have Some Absolute Bangers in it

Music is huge is the GTA universe. Every car has a radio, and you’re going to be spending a lot of time driving. So chances are while your out selling drugs and soliciting prostitutes you’ll be doing it to the backdrop of music. Every radio station in GTA has its own unique personality to it which really adds to the experience. Every genre of music is available too. Country, Rap, Jazz, Rock and Roll. If you can think of a type of music, it’s probably there. It is one of the most important yet underappreciated aspects of the GTA franchise.


Due to how big of a deal the music is GTA, it is no surprise that fans were frothing at the mouth when the alleged GTA VI soundtrack leaked on  Reddit. Temperaturerising45 was the user on Reddit who was responsible for revealing the supposed soundtrack.

Songs Listed

Nirvana- Lithium

Donald Glover- Redbone

Wiz Khalifa- Medicated

The Eagles- Take it Easy

Eminem- The Real Slim Shady

Nico Segal- Sunday Candy

Hopsin- I Sag My Pants

Nate Dogg- Regulators

The Notorious B.I.G- Notorious Thugs

Soundgarden- The Day I Tried to Live

Pearl Jam- Last Kiss

War- Why Can’t We Be Friends

Bob Seger- Fire Lake

Biz Markie- Just a friend

Alive in Chains- Got Me Wrong

Bob Marley- No Woman No cry

Israel K- Somewhere Over the Rainbow

The Strokes- You Only Live Once

Squeeze- Up the Junction

XXXTentacion- Sad

Juice wrld- Lucid dreams

Guns and Roses- Sweet Child of Mine

Bad Company- Shooting Star

Dio- Rainbow In the Dark

As you can see there are some real bops on this list. However, if this list is true it wouldn’t exactly line up with the game being set in the 70s and 80s. Something that previous “leaks” have talked about. It also should be noted that Temperaturerising45 claimed to be drawing these songs from memory and would tell everyone about more songs when he remembered. So not the most reliable source.

Please remember that these are only rumors and are totally unsubstantiated.