Blizzard Discusses the Importance of PC

Blizzard Admits Problematic Communication With PC Fans

Blizzard’s J. Allen Brack wishes to reassure their fans that the company is primarily focused on PC during a recent interview. Despite looking towards other platforms to expand on like consoles and mobile devices, J. Allen Brack admits poor communication when announcing Diablo: Immortal and their vision for the future of the company at the time. It’s expected that Blizzcon 2019 will offer more for PC and console gamers among details on their upcoming mobile titles.


Blizzard doesn’t intend to make their mobiles games lesser experiences to their PC and console counterparts, instead they’re looking to make Blizzard quality games for Mobile devices. The developer is looking to support both the types of resonating gaming experiences familiar to their console and PC games and values that the developers want to express to the world.

After reminding gamers that Blizzard faced backlash for porting Diablo 3 to console at first, but it was met with tremendous success, J. Allen Brack admits to failing to communicate with the PC audience. “First and foremost, I think the thing that did not get communicated and I can’t say this enough, is that we are a PC developer that also looks for opportunities on other platforms.”


“We did not do a good job assuaging our core fanbase that we’re not abandoning PC for mobile and console. That part of the message did not get communicated in a way that I think, if we could go back, we would do,” J. Allen Brack. This is likely in reference to their defensiveness with a hostile Blizzcon audience in 2017.

Are you a PC Blizzard fan who feels neglected or are you a mobile gamer who’s excited to see what the developer can bring to your pocket device? Which Blizzard IP is your favorite and why? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech