Call of Duty: Mobile Downloaded 20 Million Times

20 Million Downloads Bring Activision $2 Million From Call of Duty: Mobile

The recently launched Call of Duty: Mobile has already achieved 20 million downloads and $2 million from microtransactions. Sensor Tower provides the analytics from across iOS and Android devices and shared their findings on Twitter. The most popular market for CoD: Mobile so far is India, accounting for 14% of the overall installs. Call of Duty: Mobile is available for free now on iOS and Android with optional microtransactions.

Call of Duty Mobile

Though the 20 million install number is quite staggering, we can’t help but feel like Activision was expecting more than $2 million out of CoD: Mobile even at this point in the lifespan. Though it’s great the community is so large out the gate, with the US accounting for a measly 9% of installs, we feel like the monetization will change for the worse over time. Currently the experience is quite easy without buying anything additionally and we haven’t had issues racking up the kills despite having paid no money on the game yet.

Activision and Tencent recently decided to remove the ability to play CoD: Mobile with a gamepad but it hasn’t impacted gameplay too much. The mobile title is preferably used with touch controls anyway and ultimately PUBG and Fortnite feel optimized for touch control too.


Despite PUBG and Fortnite succeeding in the mobile market since their release and the recent success of Mario Kart Tour, it’s likely Call of Duty: Mobile’s numbers make their developers sweat a little bit. The game only officially released October 1st and we’re already seeing numbers like this so Tencent Games and Timi Studios will want to focus on retention and increase dollars spent per install moving forward.

What’s your favorite Call of Duty game? If you’ve tried CoD: Mobile, what’s your favorite gun and why? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Gaming Bolt