Who Will be World’s First in Destiny 2’s Latest Raid?

Or is “Moon’s First” More Appropriate?

Among all the exciting news coming out of Bungie this week, the newest raid is the talk of the town. After a slightly bumpy start, Destiny 2 has released its latest DLC Shadowkeep across consoles and PCs and with it, a brand new Vex-themed raid. In this week’s update, Bungie goes over patch notes, hopes for the future, and of course: The Garden of Salvation.

destiny 2 garden of salvation

As per tradition, teams across the world will be racing to complete the raid before any others. The team that completes it first earns the title of World’s First as well as a wrestler-style Championship Belt. These races can come down the wire and last season the world’s first title was won by mere minutes.

But for Guardians not looking to be World’s First and just want to enjoy the raid, there are still some perks for those willing to dive into the Black Garden once the raid is live.

For those who complete the raid within 24 hours, there will be an exclusive emblem. Completions before October 15th net you the ability to buy a jacket, and if you finish before the Season of the Undying is over you can get a shirt. And fear not, if you don’t meet these milestones you will always get an emblem for completing the raid at any point.

The Garden of Salvation will be going live at 10AM PDT on October 5th, and most teams will be streaming their attempts on Twitch.

Aside from the raid, the team at Bungie has been incredibly busy moving their game to Steam and enabling cross-save. So far no major hiccups have come up so the Garden of Salvation should drop without any issues.

Are you looking to compete in World’s First? Or are you just excited to return to the Black Garden? Let us know in the comments!