Microsoft Ends Rumors of Kinect 3.0

Microsoft Will Not Feature a 4K Camera With Xbox Scarlett

Following a leaked Gizmodo report that mentions camera technology for the Xbox Scarlett, Microsoft wanted to put an end to any rumor before it began. A Microsoft rep almost immediately let gamers know that there are now currently plans to use 4K cameras with the Xbox Scarlett and no cameras have ended up in the hands of developers. Microsoft teased the Xbox Scarlett at the recent E3 event but they have no precise release date for the next generation yet.

Microsoft Games Studios

The Gizmodo report about the 4K gaming cameras has since been updated to say a “Microsoft spokesperson dennied any camera technology is in development and that none has been delivered to developers in any form.” So that sounds like a definitive no to us, whether they’re doing damage control or not.

After Microsoft’s failed attempt to make the Kinect a central feature of the Xbox One, it’s likely they’re running damage control and don’t want anyone to know whether they are or aren’t working on any sort of Kinect. It’s likely that if Xbox Scarlett is online only, they’ll be quick to put those rumors down after what happened last time too. We’re just looking forward to seeing what the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett have to offer officially but will keep reading rumors because some end up being true.


Gizmodo’s apparent “tipster” claimed both the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett dev kits included cameras in some fashion but these claims are likely false for PlayStation as they are for Xbox. Allegedly the Xbox Scarlett was focused on the use of a 4K camera with only a two-frame latency between what is recorded and what appears on a stream which would definitely be an impressive feature for next-gen.

Are you bummed that Microsoft isn’t working on the 4K camera for streaming or were you looking forward to the impressive two-frame latency? What do you want to see from next generation the most? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech