Head of Xbox Phil Spencer Has Finally Played the Project Scarlett

Sometimes, it Pays to be the Boss

The Project Scarlett is not the actual name of the newest console to come out of Microsoft. Microsoft, for whatever reason, is obsessed with codenaming their consoles that are under development. We are totally in the dark about the actual name of the console. As a matter of fact, Microsoft and Xbox take this codenaming so seriously that for a while, Phil Spencer the head of Xbox, did not know the console’s actual name. However, this has most likely recently changed. This is because in a recent team-up with Bungie. Spencer announced that the had the chance to play a handful of games on the next-gen console.

Phil Spencer

Unfortunately, Spencer could not comment all that much on what his experience was like. All that we know is he had a chance to play around with a few of the new games. The only game that we know for sure will be on the Project Scarlett is Halo: Infinite. So perhaps he was able to goof around as the Master Chief for a while. Spencer did insist that there are plenty of titles that are currently under development that will be ready to play when the Scarlett launches around Christmas of 2020.

A lack of games was a problem that both the Xbox One and PS4 both had when they first came out. There was essentially no big titles that were worth the transition from the older hardware. It wasn’t really until 2015 that sales really started to pick up for both consoles. Microsoft seems that they want to avoid this as much as possible. Launching the next Halo alongside it doesn’t seem like a bad idea to boost sales.

Stay tuned to keep up to date on any news about the next generation of consoles.