There Is Going To Be Two PlayStation Events In September

Sony Has a Lot In Store For Fans

Playstation is going to be making a lot of appearances this month at various video game conferences. Sony famously opted out of E3 this year. It is not known why this happened. But many have speculated that they had nothing ready for the conference. This did not stop their main rival Microsft from unveiling their new console as well as announcing a new Halo game that is going to launch alongside the Project Scarlett. So it now appears that Sony is trying to make up for lost time.

The Last of Us Part II HERO 2

The Tokyo Game Show is kicking off this week and Sony is expected to attend. There is a lot of things for them to cover. First on the agenda is obviously going to be whether or not a new PlayStation is coming out. There have been so many rumors about this new console, however, a lot of whispering has surfaced that whatever new console Sony is working on is going to be much more powerful than Microsoft’s counterpart. There are legions of anxious fans waiting to see what Sony has been cooking up. Microsoft plans to launch its new console by Christmas 2020. So we should expect to hear something big out of Sony sooner rather than later.

With all the buzz about a potential PS5, it is sometimes hard to remember that the PS4 is still around. But it is, and a ton of exciting new games are going to be showcased. The PS4 game that is on everyone’s mind is obviously The Last of Us Part 2. There is no concrete evidence that would suggest that we will be getting any news from Naughty Dog about this game. However, there have been rumors. Anything is possible, but don’t get your hopes up.