XB1 Outperforms Competition During UK Black Friday

The Xbox One Outsold PS4 and Switch During UK Black Friday

Xbox One succeeded in outperforming the PS4 and the Nintendo Switch on Black Friday in the UK this year. The sales figures reported by GamesIndustry include numbers for each Xbox One bundle, including the Xbox One S All-Digital and the Xbox One X. One of the successful bundles included digital versions of Sea of Thieves, Minecraft and Fortnite at a reduced price for Black Friday. According to UK retailers, 100,000 Xbox One units were sold with the Switch selling just a handful less and the PS4 selling only 60,000 units.

Xbox One Black Friday

During the UK’s Black Friday sales, the Xbox One S All-Digital bundle was cut to £110 at Tesco, with £129.99 offers at other retailers. Similar to North America, the UK also received price cuts to the Xbox One X bundle and it’s likely the whole family of consoles contributed to the high sales numbers, with each carrying their own weight. Although the Xbox One performed so well during Black Friday in the UK, it still didn’t outperform its 2018 sales for the same week. This just further proves the NPD’s claims that game spending in general is down.

The Neon Switch with longer battery life was the biggest selling version of the Switch during Black Friday in the UK. Nintendo sold more Switch units last week than it managed over the same period in 2018, showing that while PS4 is dwindling in sales lately, Nintendo remains strong. While the Xbox One sold more units, the Nintendo Switch actually brought in more revenue with the higher priced units. Xbox Games Studios recently had a tremendous showing at XO19 in London where they unveiled new upcoming titles and great acquisitions to the Game Pass subscription service.

Are you surprised that the Xbox One sold so well in the UK for Black Friday or did you expect a spike in sales after XO19 in London? Which console did you buy or get games for this Black Friday? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: GamesIndustry